Tell Nothing "New"

I Corinthians 2:2

"For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified."


I've seen dozens of McDonald's remodeled over the past few months. Each location has the face of "new". I remember in the past there used to be those hard fiberglass tables and metal chairs to compliment them. The commercials had a clown in them (he was kind of creepy) and the "Hamburgler" was always a nuisance trying to steel up some of those delicious "100% beef" burgers. 

Those were the days. However, marketing experts realized back in 2011 that things had to change in order to entice and please the next generation of McDonald's customers. That's when all the change started. Earthy tones and mute colors are the new look of McDonald's. A large coffee variety and breakfast all day is a huge face lift for the company. And most of all, no more Ronald McDonald. Everything changed! 

How different the lasting gospel of God. For centuries the message of deliverance, hope and peace, proclaimed by the church has never changed.  "Jesus Christ and Him crucified" for the salvation of mankind. This old story is still the threshold of new life. This old story is still the hammer that breaks the hard heart and recreates a heart of flesh. This old story still remains the proclamation of the heavens to every human heart "Jesus Christ and Him crucified." The sun and moon in all their age have seen countless souls rescued because of this old story. 

This is our lasting message because in it is the true remedy to sin. Jesus Christ's death on the cross drank the wrath of God dry that was meant for mankind. And now, with sin's penalty paid by the righteous sacrifice of Christ, man can be forgiven and can have God back. Nothing "new here. "Jesus Christ and Him crucified." The same old boast, message, hope, truth that has remained from the beginning. Let it never change. Let your heart never loose sight of the old story. Tell nothing "new" tell His story.