Sheath That Bad Boy

If you somehow knew that you would be in danger today would you want to be prepared for it? 


Let's say that maybe today there would be some great challenge and if you were to fail it would mean destruction for you family, or your reputation, or bring despair in your own soul. But let's also say that there was a weapon, one that you can wield in every situation that is perfectly suited to thrash the attack. The only catch is that that weapon isn't with you when you're attacked and therefore cannot be used. What is the logical thing to do? Yeah, buy a holster. Get a license to carry. Sheath that bad boy. 


The reality is that you will be attacked today in a thousand different ways. You will be tempted from the moment you wake to not see the glory of God. You will be tempted to lust, to greed, to laziness, to gossip, and a thousand other things that wage war on us constantly. Why is it then that we do not wield the one singular weapon that we have as believers in Christ?


We are told that God's word, the scriptures, are a sword that cuts bone and marrow (Heb. 4:12). It is the scriptures that are the offensive weapon in the fight of faith (Eph. 6:17). 


The issue so many believers have is that their weapon is sitting at home on a shelf far out of reach when they need it in the field of battle. In our age we may have our weapons ready for use with the the unlock of the phone screen, a taking off of the safety if you will, but the fact remains that temptation comes in a flash - sometimes you only have seconds to respond with a counterattack. What will you do? 


What do the scriptures recommend? "Store up God's word in your heart that you may not sin against him." (Psalm 119:11). 


We are to have access to this weapon immediately because it is with us ready for action at a moments notice. 


What have you been doing lately to store up God's word in your heart? A better question may be this, how defenseless have you been against the attacks of sin lately? 


Satan cares nothing for us. He hates us and wants to see our families in ruin, but he stands defenseless against the death blows of God's word. To see this in action watch Jesus take him to task in Matthew chapter 4.


As a person with many battle scars, victories, and defeats I want to call you all to take arms with me. It takes discipline but this is the best investment you can make with your time.  And wielding God's word in your heart and mind just got easier.


 I invite you to join me this summer as we endeavor to memorize a fairly large portion of scripture and I would encourage you to use the Fighter Verses bible memory app to help you. We can all do this together. There is a highlighted verse for the week and the app provides very helpful quizzes and songs to help you memorize the section with your family. 



Let's encourage each other and watch how God will be honored, savored, treasured, and mighty to save as we hide his word in our heart that we may not sin against him.